A beautiful sunny day


A stunning dawning of a new

and beautiful day taken from

our verandah.

 Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

 I have 100% of the rest of my life to live. What an exciting thought that is. I still have time to fullfil lots more of my dreams and aspirations.

 I have decided to release “old ” out of my vocabulary and turn “ageing” into living longer. Positive move!

 I think the key to creativity is knowing that my own thinking creates my experiences and the even the smallest experience can be an absolute “delight” if  I allow my attitude to be  positive.

 Today began as a stunning and beautiful day.  A miracle occurred… I was up very early, for me, to greet this inspiring scene. Yesterday we had a pea soup fog which didn’t allow us to see even the house across the way. The fog stayed with us till 9.30am…. and the sun came out to greet the day at 10.25am. How exhilerating it was to see the sun arrive at such an early time today. My body was rearing to be on the move.

This morning I have been  for my weekly  visit  to the gym. I seem to be improving. This is the best day I have had. I had a couple of puffs of my ventolin puffer and it seemed to improve my breathing. So that was a great thing to know. I work out everyday at home but it is great to spend time with others who are all aspiring to do the same thing…. get fit and lose weight. I am getting there. This week I have seesawed up and down in the 87kg zone. My aspiration is to get below that by this time next week. Considering I started off at 97.9kg it is a big improvement. Thank you to all the people who have encouraged me. I couldn’t have done without you. 

 Last night we watched ” Miss Fiisher’s Murder Mysteries.”  It was the last of the series. I am going to miss Phrynny. At least it was a bit different from other series.  I loved her eccentricity and her gorgeous clothes and the era the series is set in. Hope it comes back again.

 Yesterday, for me, was such a good day. I am progressing well with my scrapbooking project . It is just about finished. My knitting project is not progressing quite so well. I’m up to my fifth pull out and  begin again. Never mind, it’s a test of patience. I’ve never had a lot of that. I’m still praying for improvement in that area.

What  I was grateful for today  The sun came out and lifted spirits. My scrapbooking progressed well. I was healthy and alive to greet another day. That’s a lot to be grateful for.

 God in my life. Being loved and cared about, prosperity of spirit, feeling happy, having positive thoughts. Continuing to read my little white book which will finish at Pentecost. I will miss that too. And of course my daily prayers.

Find happiness within yourself and let it grow. And as it grows and increases……… pass it on. And may you find yourself wrapped in God’s unconditional love on this sunny and inspiring day. C.


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