Mother”s Day




Today is the first day of the rest of my life.


  Changes can begin in a moment,and

I am willing to make changes right now.

 Well, I have just spent two very great days. Yesterday, our second son and his beautiful partner came to visit us. We shared a meal- well two in fact-, lots of conversation, laughter, and companionship. I was so excited when I knew they were coming. By the time they arrived I was nearly bursting. I had four members of my family with me, which was the best present  I could receive.

 Last night we went to vigil service. The congregation was small and there was no organist, but the people sang like angels and the service lacked for nothing. Our vigil service was for the 6th Sunday after Easter and the second Sunday of the calendar month. I was the second reader of the word. We spoke about how much God loves us, that God is love, and that Jesus said:

” Love one another as I have loved you”. If we love each other with the same unconditional love  God gives to us, we will live in a wonderful world.We are asked to respond to this unique and unconditional love from God in words and in deeds.

As an example: a Mother’s love….Mother takes care of us, loves us, journeys with us through life. Through childhood, adolescence, mature age, Mother is an important part of our life’s journey. And so we respond in words and deeds to honour our Mother.How will we honour God for His unconditional love?

Today is Mother’s Day. It has been great today and yesterday. I have been hearing from my children, one by one. They are scattered in places far away. So it has been wonderful to have contact, making Mother’s Day very special indeed. Thank you .

 We mowed four lawns today. On Mother’s Day……? Well, I quite enjoy lawn mowing. There’s always the end result: a great looking lawn, a job well done, and a lovely warm shower to wash off the grime.

 Today I wish you happy moments , space for peace and relaxation, and a time where dreams can come true. And…. pass it on. C 


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