A very special Sunday – the 5th one after Easter

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

 I allow change to occur without resistance or fear, I am free.

 Sunday morning was our time for church and being with our like minded friends. This service was the first Sunday of the month. I shared special Eucharist Minister duties with Alena.

 It was a very special service because Baptism was held for 3 very beautiful little girls- Loretta, Alice and Lauren.  The church was full. For lots of us with grown children it brought back memories of baptisms of our own children. The girls were dressed in white. They looked so angelic, with big beaming smiles and very excited about the ceremony. I think Father John was excited too. He said it was the first baptism he had officiated at during a service since he had been at our church. Children and teachers came to represent the school. Children presented the offertry gifts, and the bells were rung again at consecration, once again by children. It was a very special time.

 Afterwards, we joined Parish friends for a cuppa and a chat. They were all talking about the service, Michael’s birthday, and travels people have been on -all very positive conversation. When it was time to leave we offered Pam and Michael a lift home before we went to collect a script from the chemist.

 Last night we watched “Dancing with the stars”

 It was good to be part of the baptism of the little girls, to have children taking part in our service again, to spend time with like-minded people.

 I was grateful the warehouse chemist was open so I could pick up my prescription. I had forgotten the day before and was clean out of my medication.

 God in my Life

Being part of that special service with the children, being special minister, reading my ” little white book I read for 6 minutes each day, and my own special prayers.

Let love go with you as you go, and let that love grow within, and…. pass it on. C.


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