Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

 I express love and gratitude for all I have learned and accomplished.

Yesterday was really a very good day.

 Yesterday was a break- neck sort of day. I seemed to rush through the day at a great speed of knots. It was agreat day – just busy!

 After breakfast I went for my weekly workout at the gym. I think I’m improving. I’m glad it’s only for a half hour. I think I prefer my workouts at home.

I took my foster daughter home from there, and raced off to the markets to meet a friend of a friend. She introduced me to friends she was staying with who are neighbours of some friends from church ( friends of friends of friends? Whew!). We had a coffee and a chat and a walk round the markets. We bought some fruit and veg and some homemade jam. Then it was time to say goodbye and move on to the next place.

That was to visit Michael and Pam to celebrate Michael’s 80th birthday. Met another group of people including Pam’s daughter who was the Mother of two little boys I used to work with at my last job in the city. How small is this old world! Of course the little boys are grown up now- but I was very fond of them. it was great to have been touched by memories of them. 

 After we said goodbye there, we had to rush to our love job of mowing the church lawn. Two hours later we were finished that and very ready for a shower and clean up. There is always a joy in mowing a lawn. It always looks great when we are finished – having pride a job well done

 Last night we watched “New Tricks” on telly while I knitted.

 The good things in my life yesterday were all the lovely people who touched my life throughout the day.

 I was grateful for the interesting experiences I had yesterday, and the people who touched my life.

 God in my life

The lovely people we met  yesterday, mowing the church lawn, reading my little white book and praying.

 Let peace be with you as you go through your day, and let that peace grow within you, and…. pass it on! C.


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