Back to Being Positive Again

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I now accept, and very much appreciate,

the abundant life I have been given.

Another day of feeling positive. I think it must be the good nights sleep I had last night. I think that is the answer, for me, anyway.

The storm on its way

We have just experienced a really lovely storm. It didn’t last for long, but while it rained it was giving my garden a replenishing drink. Digger wasn’t very happy. He just doesn’t like those storms. There’s lots of noises he doesn’t like- the weedeater, the lawn mower, the blower, the vaccum cleaner. He will attack the motors and bark at them, but he hides away from the storm.

This morning we went off to the dump the offload a trailer load of grass clippings and prunings, and we came back with a trailer load of mulch. The mulch is free if we load it ourselves. We came home and offloaded that into the back garden. Wow! It really looks nice. This is probably the sixth load we have brought back. Still have loads of garden areas to go. It is so satifying to have a job well done.

The finished mulching job

Last night I watched “Celebrity Apprentice” Never watched that before. It just happened to be on while I was knitting. I actually enjoyed it.

The good things from today:

Getting the mulch and spreading it; weighing myself- I now weigh 88kg; the great lunch I made –pasta, pesto,ham and tomato salad. So Yum!  That’s part of my diet I follow to lose weight. The food is so beautiful, and I am never hungry. I am now more enthusiastic and motivated.

What I am grateful for today:

The rain, feeling positive, cool weather, being energetic.

God in my life:

The storm, lovely food, a nice garden, my liile white book and praying.

Today I wish you peace, happiness, a positive attitude, lots of happiness and an abundance of love in your life. All these things are a sign of prosperity of spirit. C


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