A Surprising Day

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

My mind is filled with healthy, positive, loving thoughts that reflect themselves in all my experiences.

Peacefuul, positive,productive.

One never knows what a new day brings.

 Little did I know, when I got up this morning, that a kookaburra would have to be rescued out of our fireplace. A number of times earlier in the morning, when I was doing a declutter in my card making and knitting baskets, I heard a fluttering noise coming from the fireplace. But no amount of looking showed us what it was. So we forgot about it for the time being.

We went up to our nearest big town to a chiropractor appointment, some op- shopping, bag shopping, and the dreaded DENTIST appointment to have 2 more teeth filled. I shouldn’t moan. My dentist is so gentle. The only hard part was having a numb lip and ear and jaw for a few hours.

After lunch we were preparing to go out to mow and I heard the fluttering again. This time I could see a Kookaburra trapped and fluttering in the fire space. Well,  I closed the hall door and opened the front door, and when the mesh was taken from the front of the fire the bird flew straight out of the front door. Didn’t envision it would be so easy. I imagined a sooty bird flying aimlessly around our living room putting soot all over our furniture.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend time in my garden again today, doing my favourite task of pruning – this time in the area around the cactus garden. The trailer is full of clippings again.

I also undercoated the lamp shade for standard lamp that we bought in Mackay the year before last. Yes I’ve finally got started on that project! And I brought a peace lily plant in and put it in the bathroom. It should grow well in there. It is a lovely bright room. I have plants growing in my kitchen window quite successfully, and the bathroom window faces the same way. So I’m presuming success here as well.

Tonight we will be watching” Who Do You Think You Are”

I have started a new book: “The Faraday Girls” by Monica MacInerny.

What was good today?

Spending time in the garden; Having the holes in my teeth filled; doing a good mow; getting a new project underway.

What I was grateful for today.

The kookaburra flew straight out of the door instead of flying round our living area.

God In My Life

Nice caring dentist (eventhough he wants to sell me crowns that I can’t afford), nice caring chiropractor(she likes Louise Hay too).

Time to cook the dinner- left over stirfry from last night, yum!

Peace be with all the world. C


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